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The Nice Pair two channel microphone preamplifier is designed to produce world-class sound at an affordable price. The fast acting J-Fet technology and Jensen input transformer design, produce a high gain circuit capable of capturing and reproducing more transients and harmonics than lesser mic pres.

The Nice Pair was also designed with a saturation setting - to produce distortion (as an effect) that is thick and musical. Try it on fuzz bass, vocals and “destructo”- style drum room tracks, for a variety of creative sonic outcomes.

While in normal use, the Nice Pair lends a “larger than life” quality to anything it encounters- big and clear with a present quality unlike any other mic pre around. The Nice Pair also features switches for phase reversal, 48V Phantom , as well as an impedance selector, which adds functionality to microphones (such as ribbons) that require a higher impedance. To ensure the utmost quality and care- units are hand wired and assembled in the USA.




"At my studio I have all kinds of mic pre's, from vintage tube V-72's to classic Neve and Trident modules and beyond. The Nice Pair fits in perfectly when I need a fast, clear and quiet pre with lots of detail and guts. It's perfect for piano, great on guitars, and won't crap out on drums. Tons of headroom and, if you want it, a boatload of interesting distortion...

I tried it and I bought it and I'm glad I did!"

Paul Q. Kolderie- Radiohead, Pixies, Morphine


"A fantastic piece.  Full and present sounding this versatile pre is tight and transparent yet has guts to spare.  From the quietest overheads to the most distorted bass guitar,  this rugged toy has made it on every record I have made in the last year.  Think api meets m1,  on second thought just think ‘Nice Pair’."

Andrew Schneider- Cave In, Unsane, Blue Man Group, Pelican


"The Nice Pair has immediately become one of my favorite preamps. It has the most useful distortion of any preamp I have tried. The more I use it the more I like it.

Every man needs a Nice Pair!"

Mudrock- Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Powerman 5000, Alice Cooper

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